Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve heard of life coaching, but what exactly is a creativity coach?

Another way to look at a creativity coach is a “life coach for creatives or those seeking to enhance their creative efforts or thinking.” It also can be perceived as getting support for creating the life you desire. In that way, it’s very similar to life coaching. You receive guidance and support for establishing your style, vision and goals and the steps necessary to achieve them. It’s about empowering YOU, motivating you, helping you to achieve clarity to take action and move forward. At the Creative Caboose, we like to say it’s about guiding you on track and beyond!

Some creativity coaches focus on specific, limited niches, such as working only with visual artists or struggling authors. At the Creative Caboose, our focus is coaching individuals and groups who are creative professionals, emerging artists, serious and recreational hobbyists, business women and men and entrepreneurs.

Why do clients seek the help of a creativity coach?

There are many reasons why a client looks to work with a creativity coach. Here are some examples.

The client … is feeling stuck and wants to unblock his creativity • wants to take her creativity to the next level • desires to find new ways of dealing with old problems • wants to develop new skills to better manage his creative time • needs extra support as she initiates a new project • wishes to understand his own creative process • wants to overcome her fears, anxieties or other creative blocks • struggles with self-confidence and his inner critic • procrastinates on a regular basis • needs a partner to motivate her and hold her accountable • has lost touch with his original passion to create • wants to discover her hidden talents and a way to express them • isn’t living up to his creative potential • needs a new outlet for expressing herself • wants to work with someone who understands his challenges • lacks follow through

Can you give me some examples of people who might seek the help of a creativity coach?

• An artist who is feeling stuck or blocked and wants to reconnect with his original passion for creating • A retiree or someone entering mid-life who needs support in starting the next chapter of his life• A writer who needs a boost to get her first book written • An entrepreneur who needs guidance in moving his business forward • A musician who wants to take her career to the next level • An artist who needs guidance in marketing his work • A business person who feels she’s lost her creative edge • Anyone who wishes to experience the benefits of creative expression!

What are some common blocks to creativity?

Dealing with outside criticism •A strong inner critic •Getting started •Time-challenged •Financial concerns •Technical issues •Lack of motivation and/or inspiration •Fear and anxiety •Negative beliefs and self-talk such as, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not talented enough,” and “My work doesn’t compare with others.” • Lack of discipline and follow through •Loss of meaning •Procrastination•Lack of commitment •Balancing creative life with work life •Setting priorities •Lack of focus •How to market one's work

I don't live anywhere near Florida. Can I still work with you as my creativity coach?

Absolutely! I have done coaching sessions as far away as India via Skype. I do the majority of coaching sessions by phone. I have an unlimited long distance calling plan if this is a concern for you.

What kind of results can clients expect?

Every situation is different but I have seen some amazing results. For example, I worked with one client who was an art major in college but stopped painting as she raised her children. With only one child remaining in high school, she decided she wanted to pursue her painting again but she couldn’t get started on her own. After just one session, she began painting again. I continued to coach her and within one month she entered her first juried art show and exhibited her first painting in more than 30 years! Please read the first-hand experiences of some of my clients on the Testimonials and the Benefits of Coaching pages.

How do employees benefit from one-on-one creativity coaching?

Employees are often given the age-old directive to “think outside the box.” Perhaps he has been working in the same position for years and has developed such a routine that he can’t find new solutions. Or maybe she is so close to the situation that she can’t seem to see the circumstance any differently. Frustration sets in, only making the problem worse. A creativity coach can help to inspire and motivate employees to get excited about their work initiatives again as they reinvent themselves in the workplace.

What does the process of working with a creativity coach entail?

The process is a collaboration between you, as the client, and me, as your coach. You set your own agenda in terms of what you wish to work toward. My job is to work with you to realize your creativity potential, either personally, professionally or both. I guide you in your pursuit to uncover, recover and discover your unique creative talents, and help you focus on your goals and actions. This coaching relationship applies to many different situations. Two examples would be the artist who has been stuck and unable to paint for months or a business professional who is in a rut and rarely identifies creative options to a problem. Whatever your own circumstances are, as your creativity coach, it’s about me helping you to gain your own clarity through our exchange. It is a very important distinction to be made between a creativity coach's role and a therapist's role. I make observations and suggestions and provide support and guidance. I do not diagnose or tell you what to do.

Do you have to be certified to be a creativity coach?

I chose to pursue certification through the Creativity Coaching Association, although it is not required. The program consists of classes, homework, extensive reading, being supervised by a certified coach and a minimum of 100 hours of actual one-on-one coaching. Most students complete the certification process within two-three years. Going through and completing this program helped me to grow as a coach.

Additionally, my own experience as an “Artist’s Way” facilitator, musician, singer-songwriter, photographer and writer, aids me as a creativity coach. All of my credentials are listed on the “About the Chief Conductor” page. I also state reasons for choosing me as your coach on the “Certified Creativity Coach” page.

How long is the process of creativity coaching? Are multiple sessions necessary or can a one-time session help?

Sometimes all it takes is one “power” session to thrust the client into action. It really depends on the client’s agenda, which again, is set by the client, not the coach. Just how much support is needed … what are the issues that need addressing … and other considerations. While one session can make a difference, I usually recommend a three month commitment.

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