Why choose me as your creativity coach?


I bring many professional and personal skills and strengths to my coaching business.

1. The professional training I’ve gotten through the Creativity Coaching Association - I have learned from some of the best in the business through the CCA, which requires extensive training and coaching experience as part of the certification process, which I completed in 2014.

2. Experience in three different creative disciplines — singer-songwriter/musician, writer and photographer — and I’ve spent decades in a career that requires creativity: Public Relations - I love the creative process and I am constantly creating. I understand both the joys and challenges that creating can bring!

3. Personal experience in dealing with my own creative blocks - I have worked with my own creativity coach and know what it takes to work through creative blocks. Having this shared experience with clients will allow me to empathize and support them in a positive way during the coaching process.

4. My training and experience as a journalist - I began my career as a reporter and still work as a freelance photojournalist. Being a journalist means having the skills to assimilate a lot of information quickly, being a good listener, asking powerful questions and being insightful. All of these skills are important for a creativity coach.

5. More than 30 years of PR/marketing experience - I have helped more than 100 clients promote their businesses, everything from mom and pop shops to big corporations. Before starting my own business, I worked for both corporations and nonprofit organizations. This experience is helpful to coaching clients who need support in this area.

6. Entrepreneurial skills - I know what it’s like to own and operate a business — the risks, the challenges, the pros and the cons, what it takes to stay motivated and produce day in and day out.

7. My passion for helping others - On the personal side, I get a real charge from helping to empower others to realize their creativity by guiding them to the next level. Of course, the ultimate thrill is seeing them enthusiastically fulfill their creative potential on a consistent basis!