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Do you feel like you’re always “bringing up the rear” when it comes to being creative or perhaps you think you’re not creative at all? Or maybe you’re aware of your talents, but you’re feeling stuck or “off track.”

Either way, it’s time to hop aboard the Creative Caboose, where I’ll serve as your Certified Creativity Coach to help you become your own Creative Conductor.

You’ll learn how to (more…)

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Coaching Benefits

Every client’s experience with a creativity coach is unique. Here are some of the benefits that clients have communicated to me as a result of their coaching experience:

• Creative fulfillment and as a result, more overall joy in life

• A revival of the artist’s original inspiration and passion to create

• More motivation, productivity (more…)

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Free Consultation

Client options

My creativity coaching services include working with individuals and groups. The options are one-on-one coaching, group coaching and customized creativity workshops.

One-on-one Creative Coaching Services

You may schedule one appointment or select a package (more…)

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