Unlocking Your Creativity

The book that could change your life!

Unlocking Your CreatitivyI’m delighted and excited to share my new book with you, “Unlocking Your Creativity.” Part of the “Idiot’s Guides” series — which simply means it’s written in a way that’s easy to follow and understand — this book will gently guide you through the topic at hand so that you can realize and fulfill your own creative potential. I’ve written it in a way that will help you remove any intimidation you may feel when tackling your own creativity.

Making this investment in yourself will allow you to learn at your own pace, have fun exercising your creative muscle with some creative exercises (called “creative plays”), and perhaps inspire you by reading some real life examples that are included. In other words, if “they” can do it, “you” can do it!

Here are just some of the tips, tools and overviews you’ll be given in the book:

• A step-by-step overview of the creative process and how to tap into your own practice to boost your personal outlook and well being as well as your work results.

• How to work with others in the creative process, whether at work or at play, to produce the best creative team possible.

• Sharpen your creative thinking through a variety of proven creative techniques.

• Learn about the top creative characteristics and how to recognize and tap into your own traits.

• Glean ideas for creative problem solving.

• Help with finding your passion and acting upon it.

My wholehearted intention is to help you grow creatively and one way to do that is by reading this book either as a standalone or in combination with working with me as your creativity coach.

Nourish your creative spirit and order your copy today!



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