Read real testimonials from past and current clients.

In the words of clients …

“Thank you for all of your inspiring efforts to enhance creativity of the artist and would-be artist in our great community.”

— John Merkel, Florida

“Over the past couple of years, my creative/artistic journey has been so much more satisfying and peaceful, since I have had the opportunity to participate in Doreen’s teaching/coaching venues. She has helped me realize how important it is to ‘Do Something’ NOW and enjoy the journey of its unfoldment.  She worked with me, one on one, to establish my five necessary steps to take when approaching an art project. Little did I know, those steps are the steps I need to take before I approach each day.  Simple, yet profound.  Thank you, Doreen. Because of your help, my creativity blooms and my journey is enriched and “in the moment.”

— Bobbi Proctor, Maine

“Thanks so much for helping me to rediscover the playful, creative nature that I brought to jewelry making as a teenager. My jewelry design had become more influenced by salability than creative inspiration. As a result of the creativity coaching with Doreen, I am more excited about my work and my customers can feel it. My joy in creating has returned, my business is refreshed and my sales have been increasing considerably.”

— David Crandall, Vermont

“I had been wanting to get back into drawing and painting on a regular basis, but, as is so often the case, “lack of time” kept me from getting started.  When I found out about creativity coaching, I was intrigued and thought I would give it a try.  Doreen has helped me set some goals, and because I have an “accountability partner” through this coaching, I have been able to jump start the process.  I highly recommend trying this if you are having trouble with lack of time or motivation in attaining your creativity goals.  Her approach is gentle and non-guilt producing.  She has been a great help in helping me to sort out my goals.”

— Diane Fuchs, Texas

“I feel that the Artist Way class opens up your thoughts to healing and creativity. For me it was a way to slow down, and to think about things that are more important in my spiritual growth.”

— Gail Gill, Florida

“The coaching sessions I’ve had with Doreen so far have been very engaging and have stretched me in ways I haven’t tried before. She has helped me become more confident in reaching my creative goals and knows how to help me think of logical, reasonable steps to attaining them. One of my biggest fears is fear of failure, but with Doreen’s coaching I see myself overcoming that.”

— Malori Fuchs, Texas

(Artwork on this page and Creative Caboose logo on home page by Deb Arndt, www.angelartwork.net)



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