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Dragonfly_6x4Here’s a course to develop both your creativity and your spirituality:

Do you believe that creativity and spirituality are connected, perhaps they’re even one and the same? In this course, you will explore that relationship while being guided to uncover, recover and discover your creative talents in a way that deepens your spirituality at the same time. You’ll accomplish this through a series of creative explorations that include hands-on exercises, inspiring music, contemplation, daily observations, meditations, spiritual practices, and prayers that support your own unique expression of creativity. This course is for you whether you’re feeling stuck or simply ready for expansion. Read more: (to DailyOm course)


Courses • Workshops • Speaking Engagements



Customized Business Workshops

Creativity is not just about artists, although the world is a far better place due to their terrific examples of creative output. It’s also about realizing the importance of CREATIVE THINKING. That means creating a culture of possibilities and having a positive outlook to that end. That’s when innovation happens, and there’s no doubt the workplace can use more of that.

According to an IBM survey, more than 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide identified creativity as the number-one leadership requirement to effectively work through the escalating business complexities involving major shifts, uncertainties, changes, and new regulations. They ranked creativity above “rigor, management discipline, integrity, and even vision.”

If you’re interested in developing a stronger creative culture in your organization, contact me to discuss the benefits of having a customized business workshop presented in your workplace. This works for large corporations and small businesses, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, or schools and educational facilities. I can organize a presentation or workshop for your entire company, select departments, with your board of directors, or hold one-on-one sessions with your managers. Customized workshops for your volunteers also may inspire them to become more creative with that “same, old event” they work on each year.

Classes and Public Workshops
In addition to my DailyOm online course, I offer classes at different times of the year. I also periodically offer workshops that are open to the public. Check the website for updates or feel free to email me.

Speaking engagements
If your organization or club is interested in a fun, motivational, interactive and inspirational talk, please contact me to make arrangements.



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